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As a solo developer, I've poured myself into this game, and I love this game. Throughout early access, I'll continue working hard to make the game into an even more awesome experience! With that in mind, I would love for you to provide feedback. The best place to do so is on the subreddit r/thetrueslimeking.

State of the Game: Early Access 1.4.1

  • Languages supported: English.
  • Platforms: Windows.
  • Partial game controller support
  • Stores: Steam and
  • Runs at 60fps (can't uncap).
  • 115 levels spread throughout 5 kingdoms.
  • ~8 hours of gameplay in Story Mode (4 minutes average per level).
  • 39 songs to jam out to while you kill your slime buddy trying to make it through all the levels.
  • In-game level editor for easily making your own levels.
  • In-game online level exchange for sharing and playing community-made levels.
  • Quick play mode: Play custom levels and any story mode levels you've unlocked. The level exchange has taken place of the old quick play area. Not all of the quick play features have been implented yet, so you can't yet play custom levels offline and you can't yet play story mode levels in the quick play yet.
  • Options sidebar: Tweak all your preferences for keybindings, volume, colorblind support, and how replays are displayed.
  • 60 achievements that can be unlocked both in-game and in Steam.

Plans for Continued Development and Full Release

I plan to sell the full release of the game at the same price as early access.

  • Listening to community feedback on Story Mode and tweaking the difficulty and level ordering accordingly.
  • Adding a new game + (corrupt mode) which will double the story mode content with harder challenges and puzzles.
  • Improve user interface.
  • Polishing the Level Editor.
  • Polishing Quick Play mode.
  • Adding small features here and there. Making things more beautiful.
  • Squash all the bugs!
  • I'm always open to feedback from the community on what they want in the game, but I don't have the time or resources to implement every possible feature.

I'm a one person team, so while I'll be working hard to get these things done, don't expect super fast updates.

Wish List:

  • Platform support: Linux, Mac, Consoles
  • Support for other languages

Early Access Feedback

I want your feedback on the game. Tell me what you don't like and tell me what you'd like to have. I want the community to help mold this game throughout the Alpha access. That said, keep in mind that I'm only one person, so I won't be able to add a billion features into the game. The best way for you to get involved is on

You are free to make videos/streams of The True Slime King and monetize them. In fact, I'll give you a reward for making a video (see the Freebies page).

If you want to get the game but are unsure about whether to buy it at this point, ask yourself if you fall into the following categories:

  • Players who understand this is a game with bugs.
  • Players who understand that not all of the content that will be in the final release is in the current release.
  • Players who have an interest in providing feedback to help shape the development of the game.
  • Players who are passionate about this genre and want to be a part of the early community.
  • Players who want to use their money to support the development of this game.

Since this game is still being developed, be aware that:

  • The core game mechanics are in place and aren't going to change.
  • The levels currently in the game are subject to change.
  • Current save files, level files, and replays may become incompatible with future updates of the game (though I'll do my best to keep everything compatible).
  • I am a one person team, so updates/development may not be as fast/regular as you might hope (though I hope to pleasantly surprise you).

"Did you really make this whole game by yourself?" Well, not quite. I've made everything except some of the sound effects. I've given credit in game to the additional sound effects I used.