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The True Slime King is a hardcore platforming game meant for those looking to challenge their wits and dexterity. You will die fast and you will die often. Don't worry though; you have infinite lives. All you need to do is overcome the obstacles and puzzles to reach the end of each level. Maneuver your slime buddy around using left, right, and jump. I know what you're thinking... "That sounds too simple". Oh dear. How do I put this to you? Well... you are so, so wrong. Hey, just do me a favor, try not to kill your little slime buddy too many times while you're trying to be the best and all; he has feelings too you know. "What makes this game special?" A lot of passion has been poured into building awesome puzzles throughout most of the game, especially once you get past the first few levels. Just check this out:

"Blah, blah... just tell me how to get it already so I can smash all your records." Okay, now hold it there buster. I'm not about to hand over my creation so you can just go and beat me at all my own levels... oh, what's that? Oh, you have money. And you want to give the money to me? I suppose I could find a copy of the game somewhere over here... BONK... CLANK... WHAM... Here you go, your very own copy of pain and frustration. Ahem, I mean, you very own copy of The True Slime King.


  • 135 hand crafted levels that ease you into mastering the controls and solving complex puzzles.
  • Large overworld with hidden secrets to reward exploration.
  • Soundtrack of 39 original songs that are sure to keep you on the edge with their electrified chiptuney-ness.
  • In-game level editor for making your own levels and puzzles.
  • In-game online level exchange for sharing and playing community-made levels.
  • Replay system to race against yourself and reflect on all of your failures.

Hey, while I was getting the game for you, I also found this soundtrack laying around. Do you want it by any chance? Hey wait! If you're going to buy the game and the soundtrack, buy them together up above and save yourself 10%.

The True Slime King Soundtrack is 41 songs (96 minutes) and is also in early access (meaning more songs to come). Buy it to unlock all these sweet jams now and forever in their current and future forms.

"Can I hear some of the music before buying the soundtrack?" Oh, of course. Here, let me play a few songs for you.