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Welcome to The True Slime King Press page. If you need more information than what you find here, feel free to send me a message on the Contact page.


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Basic Info


  • Platforms: Windows (DRM Free)
  • Languages: English
  • Stores:, Steam
  • Price: $14.99


Press Contact

  • Email:

About The Game


The True Slime King is a single player hardcore puzzle platformer with a focus on tight controls, challenging maneuvers, and mind-bending puzzles. All of this is achieved with just three buttons: left, right, and jump. Use your sliminess to stick to walls and cling to ceilings in order to avoid obstacles and reach hidden items. Whether you're a speed demon crushing records or you're just interested in progress through the story mode, one thing is guaranteed: you will die a lot in the process. But don't worry, you'll be respawned and back in the action just as fast as you can die.

False kings have taken over the 5 kingdoms. You must search through the kingdoms to find these false kings, battle them, and beat them in order to reclaim your title as king.


  • 115 hand crafted levels that ease you into mastering the controls and solving complex puzzles.
  • Large overworld with hidden secrets to reward exploration.
  • Soundtrack of 39 original songs that are sure to keep you on the edge with their electrified chiptuney-ness.
  • In-game level editor for making your own levels and puzzles.
  • Replay system to race against yourself and reflect on all of your failures.
  • Supports custom keybindings.


The demo of the game can be played online here.

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Josh Penn-Pierson has been making small games since 2007. In September 2017, he started working on what is now The True Slime King. This is his first large video game project, and it combines many of his passions (creating engaging puzzles, music composition, pixel art, programming).

The True Slime King will continue to be polished throughout Early Access, enhancing the graphics, interface, and level design. After full release, Josh will be working to create a Corrupt Mode DLC in which you play through the game again with more challenging levels/puzzles, harder bosses, and a new new storyline.

You can read about Josh's design philosophy on the design philosophy page.

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